Saturday, 14 February 2015

遥か遠く 夜を越えて 砂漠の海を 彷徨う

I turned 25... and that's a lot .. tho hopefully just 1/4 of my life as 100+ is what I aim for ! At my birthday I was taken to a restaurant. It was lovely and the food was amazing nothing special as I am not that much of a birthday person. Now as I have turned 25 I have tried to think about what to do in life.. but as I hate to plan in long term I decided just to plan for the following year.. what I  aim for is

 (just a random food from ma birthday nothing to do with my future plans)
 photo e6fceb23-746c-4224-824f-ab77cea63d43.jpg

Move to other city
Get my health check properly (I have long time heartburn problems x_x)
Get 2 cats !
Finish my million unfinished projects (at least few of them...)
Try to save some money (HAHAHA)
Get something new and shiny to my skin
And the typical poop be better person / partner / friend and overall better human
And most importantly try to not be as lazy as I am..

There is something what I am expecting to do in my life as an 25 years old but let's be honest most exited I am about those cats XD

Also this year I got into crafting again so here is a picture of 2 (again) unfinished projects.. hopefully I can provide you with a finished result someday soon ! 
 photo IMG_20150213_230824.jpg
bit confusing picture but I guess there is not much to see. Well you may admire my computer taple's messiness.

I was supposed to post this one after my birthday but been busy with Dragon Age Inquisition! Been pleasantly surprised how good that game has been this far  :3

Happy valentines day to you all  ❤ 

btw. why walking on a field of untouched snow without it breaking underneath you feels like there is some magic involved ?  

 photo IMG_20150213_210916.jpg
meee someday in past + photoeditin skillzz 

✝ : Alaska

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