Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hard to say goodbye

So it's been a few months since I have played FFXIV (final fantasy 14) and still in my mind I refuse to admit that I quit the game (tho i am not saying I will never return to the game just at the moment it doesn't look like it).

I have been playing lots of mmos in my life and it feels always odd to not play any, as currently I dont have a single mmo to play (foremost reason being: I don't have a proper gaming computer or simply put I dont have a computer to call my own atm) so I am playing HotS and dragon blaze mostly, time to time other free/no monthly fee online games just to spend time.

The biggest reason why I / we stopped was the lack of endgame content and fun stuff to do.. currently the only end game is Alexander savage and we reached A2 (out of 4) there and doing even those first 2 and practising slightly 3 wasn't that much fun compared to the amazing Binding Coil of Bahamut raid what was fun and challenging. The casual content (dungeons/ hunts/ leveling.etc) isn't that fun especially as there wasn't any point or goal for me personally anymore.

The reason I have so hard times letting go of that game is that I met the most amazing people who I have ever met trough a game ._. I found the perfect  people to play with/ had the most amazing people to raid with and had fun people in my FC (thankfully I still have contact to most of those people that they haven't disappeared from my life). I just miss so much playing with them and I wish so much that if FFXIV doesn't turn to be a fun game to us to play anymore we will find some other game to spend some quality time together again someday.

(I guess that is what I want to say down here - I am gonna put links to videos if anyone is interested to see our accomplishments ingame)

loving you all 
Krystijan Kharon
Talon Silverhawk
Menoetius Oathbreaker
Sylvia Lucille
Barbaric Ajit
Nola Stiltzkin

Artur Flaute, Fractal Bloodbath, Milah Ayanami, Jabz, Alice (jenova), Hanne Su'rimo, Elaith Freyr,  Jupiter Piria, Tyke , Aest'ra Alheimurinn, Ricard Teylinn, Fither Demetrius, Rigid Paradise, Sorrowsong, Ui, Shizu King, Kelia Snack, Pete, Princess Fluffybutt, Muffin Lovell, Balthazar Tigertail, Kai, Karma, Yuki❤

and all the others whose name I cannot remeber

 I am going to buy some game time to FFXIV someday soon to just log in and say hello to people who i dont have contact outside the game and anyway to just stand in Gridania and idle

✝ : Alaska / Armisael Kharon

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  1. I did always wonder where you went, I'm sorry you can't find enjoyment in XIV anymore, I was on the verge of quitting/taking a break for a while too. Not much has changed, so you should maybe wait till they announce the next expansion, maybe by that time you don't wanna come back, but if you do still that's probably the best time. Hope you're doing good with whatever you're planning on doing next, in-game and in real life, gonna miss drive-by hugging you!
    - Karma